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CYBER69 by Kid. Studio

by Josephine on February 2, 2016, no comments

When I was living in Calgary, I always dreamed of pursuing a career in some creative field but it always seemed impossible, and I didn’t have that many people around me to look to for inspiration. Living in Toronto has been quite the opposite, as almost all of my friends are pursuing creative careers and […]

Safe, Sade, Samples and more.

by Josephine on January 16, 2016, no comments

I’ll never stop thinking that sample-based hip-hop beats are the coolest thing ever. Nowadays with the Internet, social media, YouTube and sites like Who Sampled, it definitely takes some of the hunt away from finding out the original sample but let’s be honest, I’m not complaining (that shit took some serious dedication!) I just read […]

Booooooom x WeTransfer: HEAVY DREAMERS Short Film

by Josephine on June 16, 2015, no comments

It feels like just yesterday that a group of my closest friends and I went to Honolulu for POW! WOW! Hawaii; it’s hard to believe it was actually four months ago that it all went down. Today my friends over at released “Heavy Dreamers,” which they were shooting while we were on the trip. […]

POW! WOW! Hawaii Mural Memories

by Josephine on March 31, 2015, no comments

It feels like forever ago that I was in Hawaii for POW! WOW! but luckily I just got some rolls of film developed so have been able to relive the memories from the trip over the past few days. I didn’t get a chance to take photos of all the walls but I have a […]