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High Top Flip Flops Podcast

by Josephine on October 24, 2017, no comments

I’d really like to than Nivake and and Krish for having me as a guest on their awesome podcast, High Top Flip Flops! We talked about many things from how I grew up to my first exposure to hip hop to how I would spend a day in Calgary. Give it a listen below, and […]

bb2bb: new column on The405

by Josephine on February 21, 2017, no comments

Really excited to have a new column starting over on The405! This is an awesome website when it comes to all things culture and I especially enjoy reading their music posts, so it’s sweet to be part of the extended fam of contributors. It’s also nice to have a project to work on with Freeza […]

IX Daily Mix and Feature

by Josephine on April 19, 2016, no comments

Huge thanks to IX Daily for featuring me for their Podcast #22! Check out the exclusive podcast mix I put together for them below – it’s got a little bit of everything in truee JAYEMKAYEM fashion. I admittedly recorded this pretty impromptu at 2AM one night; it was recorded around the same time I was […]

Sofxposh Interview Series #14 w/ yours truly

by Josephine on April 5, 2016, no comments

I recently hopped on a phone call with Vanessa from Sofxposh for an hour long chat as part of the Sofxposh Interview Series. We talked about everything — how I got started on the path I’m on now, my past (including lots of personal details) and what I hope to achieve in the future. I’ll […]