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Hundreds&Thousands: The Finale

by Josephine on August 16, 2016, no comments

Of course the last show was a bit bittersweet but I wanted to have fun with it and make it a celebration of all the different sonic stylings that Hundreds&Thousands was all about. Listen for new rap and grimed mixed it with a whole lot of other random weirdness especially closer to the end (reggae, […]

TRP and new beginnings.

by Josephine on August 12, 2016, one comment

I found out the news about TRP on a Monday night; I got the email just as I was finishing one DJ gig and heading to another. It was a busy day and I was already physical and emotionally drained, so I vowed to put it out of my mind until I could give it the attention […]


by Josephine on July 26, 2016, no comments

ANOTHER Hundreds&Thousands in the books and I can seriously hardly believe that this is my 12th show, meaning that next month will be my six month anniversary. Having this show has done more for my creative growth and expression than many things in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful to Frazer and the […]


by Josephine on July 6, 2016, no comments

It was really nice to have my friend James Redi on Hundreds&Thousands the other day. This guy has been a fixture in the Toronto DJ scene for the better part of a decade, has played at every venue you can imagine, is a former RedBull Thre3style competitor and was recently named Now Magazine “Toronto’s Favourite […]


by Josephine on June 27, 2016, no comments

My music tastes have fluctuated a lot throughout my life but R&B has been one genre that I’ve consistently loved since I was a little girl. Maybe because I’m such an emotional person, and that’s why I love the emotions that this music conveys, whether the lyrics are about love, friendship, sex and everything in […]