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Jamaica | April 2017

by Josephine on May 26, 2017, no comments

I’m soooooo behind on posting! I have so many new things to share but not sure when I’ll be able to get around to it, so here are a few photos from my recent trip to Jamaica.

143 | Los Angeles | January 2017

by Josephine on February 8, 2017, no comments

I started my 2017 off in the awesomest way possible by checking one off the old bucket list by playing the infamous 143 party in lovely Los Angeles. This party has been around for a number of years and I had heard of it back when I was living in Calgary and always thought it […]

35mm | England | May 2016

by Josephine on December 11, 2016, no comments

I recently developed a few rolls of 35mm film that I had sitting around and found some photos from my trip to England in May. This is a special trip for me because it’s the only time that my mom and I have been on a vacation just the two of us. It goes without […]

Asia Day Two: Bandung

by Josephine on November 1, 2016, no comments

I was able to get a bit of sleep my first night in Jakarta (thank goodness). I’ve been really nervous about having jetlag here because it’s a full 12 hour time difference from Toronto, which means I’ve had to completely 180 my schedule in a short amount of time. But so far so good! In […]

Asia Day One: Dreams Come True

by Josephine on October 28, 2016, no comments

I’m sitting here in Jakarta, Indonesia where I arrived today after over 24 hours of traveling. When I first starting DJing two years ago (literally two years ago this month is when I bought my first set up – October 2, 2014 to be exact) I could have never even imagined that my hobby would […]