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Petrocast Episode 14 Featuring ME!

by Josephine on June 11, 2015, no comments

A couple days before I left home, I recorded an episode of an up-and-coming local podcast in Calgary called Petrocast. I had a ton of fun chatting with Robert about everything — writing, Shakespeare, femininism, clubbing, DJing, Kanye, Modern Math times and more! You can listen to the episode in its entirety below. I just […]


by Josephine on April 28, 2015, no comments

I feel like I’ve been posting way too much music and DJing stuff, but I guess it’s kinda been running my life at the moment which isn’t a bad thing at all. Very very happy with all the opportunities I’ve had to play and learn lately, especially from people who have way more experience than […]

Twenty2B Full Interview: Portrait of a Writer

by Josephine on April 1, 2015, no comments

Part of the creating my Portrait Project video for Drift Innovation / Twenty2B was submitting an interview portion so that there would be a narrative to go with the video. Filming for the video was pretty easy—it was essentially just taking a bunch of moving selfies ;)—but I was a little more nervous about the […]

Portrait of a Writer for Twenty2B and Drift Innovation

by Josephine on March 18, 2015, one comment

I recently had the opportunity to be part of Twenty2B‘s Portrait Project, a YouTube series that looks at eight women pursuing different careers, and understanding their work and lifestyle, their stories and their struggles, and all the reasons that keep them going in the pursuit of their art or their passion. I have to say […]

That time ITZSOWEEZEE posted my mix!

by Josephine on January 11, 2015, no comments

So fucking cool, been a fan of them for a minute. Doing wonderful things in the worlds of media, music and entertainment out in the wonderful city of Toronto. Be sure to check them out! Thanks Itzsoweezee!