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I was going to post the audio from this set, but then I realized that you can embed Facebook videos on external sites, and video is way more fun!

CTRL ROOM is run by a collective of music lovers who operate a studio in the Junction neighbourhood in Toronto which is just on the west side of downtown. Every week they’ll host different guest DJs for a live broadcast set. Freeza did a solo set a few months back and we were happy to be asked back to do one together. We played all of our favourite music—mostly a mix of garage, grime and bass—and had a blast; hope you enjoy the set as much as we did.

You’d never guess it from watching the video, but the day we had to do this set I actually had a really terrible day. Not even an hour before this video was recorded I was literally lying in bed crying and saying I didn’t want to go. It just goes to show that what you see via social media is a completely inaccurate representation of people’s real lives because even watching myself in this video, I just seem like my normal happy self. We all have those days when we are stressed and life is getting the best of us. Things can be tough; sometimes I feel utterly overwhelmed with trying to manage/grow my personal brand and business, as well as make money to fulfill financial obligations, as well as try to find time for nurturing relationships with friends and loved ones and on top of all that find time to rest every now and then. If you’re ever feeling similar just know you aren’t alone! We’re all here just trying to figure things out together. The only advice I have to get through those times is to just stick close to anything or anyone that makes you feel good. Playing this set really did cheer me up and lift my spirits. As always thanks to my fella for the encouragement and support.

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