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I was really stoked to be asked by my friends at Rap Season to contribute the first mix in their new music discovery series. The concept is all about new music — whether it’s music from new or up and coming artists, or just new shit from established, bigger artists. I’m sure most people can probably tell from my radio shows that I love discovering new music and putting people on to it, so it was the exact type of task I love to tackle.

I tried hard to include some of the new artists I’ve been discovering lately (through social media, mostly) as well as a few Toronto artists. We have so many great artists coming out of Toronto that I really try to include some locals in almost everything I do these days. It’s so nice to be able to put whatever you want on a mix without any restrictions such having to make it a certain length or not have a any swear words. I def want to say thanks to Rap Season for the opportunity to do this and for giving me so much creative freedom to do whatever I wanted with it! /rant

Stream the mix below and hit up the Rap Season website for the tracklist.

RADAR RADIO | 04.04.07 | w/ Freeza Chin

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Did something a little different on my last Radar show; out of necessity more than anything but it was a good experiment nonetheless. I was already limited to the amount of time I had to put together/record my show thanks to a five day trip to Vancouver scheduled in advance of the show airing, and then when the guest I was supposed to have didn’t work out I was scrambling a bit. Filling a two-hour time slot with quality programming every other week can be super challenging and when people bail or don’t pull through it can be stressful af and that’s what I went through when producing this week’s show!

I had my hour of music roughly planned but nothing else planned for the next hour, but luckily I had a live recording captured from when Freeza and I played CTRL ROOM last week, so I decided to use that to fill my last hour. It was a fun set so I was glad that it got a bit more exposure. Definitely different music than I usually play on my show but I hope people didn’t mind too much! Always have fun DJing with Freeza and I am eternally grateful for my relationship that serves me in so many different ways – including creatively. Tracklist for the first hour is after the jump.

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New Currency Live | April 12, 2017

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I’m very honoured to have been asked to speak on a panel next week that discusses parallels between the music scenes in Toronto and London. This is a topic that is not only relevant but very near and dear to my heart as I try to grow my work in both places. The panel will be moderated by music journalist—and my lovely friend—Samantha O’Connor, and I’ll be joined on the panel by Freeza and Drew Hale. Drew runs Last Planet and has thrown many an event where he booked UK artists, often gets Freeza on shows and has even booked me for a thing or two. Big up New Currency for facilitating this; it should be a good one!

If you’re located in Toronto and interested in coming peep the Facebook event for all the details.



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I was really stoked to have the talented and hilarious Murda Beatz on my last Radar Radio show, especially since Drake’s More Life just came out and Murda has production credits on two of the hottest tracks on there. We recorded the interview pre-More Life so I obviously couldn’t ask him about anything to do with that, but we still had an interesting convo about some of his fav beat placements and memes, among other things. I also did a mini-mix of only Murda-produced tracks which just goes to show how much dope shit he’s had a hand in already at such a young age. Stream the show below and hit the tracklist after the jumppppp

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