#TBT – The Freshest and Good Life Sundays @ Republic (VANCOUVER)

by Josephine on January 21, 2016, one comment

A few months ago I visited one of my favourite Canadian cities, Vancouver, and had the pleasure of playing alongside some of my favourite DJs — Marvel and Seko from The Freshest. The Freshest is actually a crew made up of four members (Kutcorners and Rico Uno as well) and they’ve been active around the Vancouver scene for ages. Back in the day before social media, the only DJs you really knew about were either the ones in your city, or the big guns like Q-Bert and Jazzy Jeff. But when MySpace started getting really poppin around 2005/2006 is when you started to learn about other DJs in other cities who may not have been famous enough to have been touring (yet — that started to happen a few years later though when DJs became the new rock stars, but that’s a blog post for another time) but they were certainly doing their thing in their neck of the woods. It was a really cool time because we finally had some actual insight into what was happening in other places and what kind of “scene” each city had. Vancouver was always a cool place that was very much in tune with hip-hop and streetwear, but was also super quick with the trends of the time like mashups and remixes and the “electro” era. It’s crazy to look back and think that’s what we used to call it then, because “electronic music” was really just starting to creep its way into the greater public consciousness.

Anyways, that’s around the time I discovered The Freshest, who I believed were called The Freshest Kidz then. I watched them over the years, became friends via social media, then had the chance to meet them once they started touring and playing dates in Calgary or when we would go and visit the coast. Then when I got into journalism they were also making their own music so they started sending me some tracks and we featured a few on the site. So needless to say by the time I had my chance to DJ with them, I was definitely geeked seeing as our personal and professional friendships had evolved so much over the last almost-decade, and because I had been following them for so long as a fan and observer of all they do, never guessing that I might actually get a chance to play music with them too!

Now that long ass walk down memory lane is over, here are a few photos from that night in October at Republic for Good Life Sundays, courtesy of the homie Just Jash. I also highly recommend following The Freshest on Soundcloud, and also Marvel and Kutcorners remix project Live Evil because they are always putting out cool tunes.

Huge thanks to the guys for having me out to Good Life Sundays. Can’t wait for the next time we get to jam together.

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