Asia Day Two: Bandung

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I was able to get a bit of sleep my first night in Jakarta (thank goodness). I’ve been really nervous about having jetlag here because it’s a full 12 hour time difference from Toronto, which means I’ve had to completely 180 my schedule in a short amount of time. But so far so good! In the morning Glen picked me up and we went to catch our train to Bandung. Glen explained to me that because it was Saturday, the roads would likely be busy with people heading to Bandung for the weekend, so the train was the better option.

The journey took just over three hours and I really enjoyed it as we were able to see a lot of the countryside on the way. I’m a pretty traveled, cultured person but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t always a bit surprising to see the conditions in which some people live, especially in the more rural areas. There are some very poor parts of Indonesia, and it really makes you remember just how privileged we are in North America. We passed a lot of slums and also a prison which looked pretty scary. We got to Bandung in the early afternoon, just in time to meet up with Sandy, the owner of Fabrik, and his wife for lunch. We went to a restaurant called Please Please Please which he also owns. I really wanted to eat Indonesian food so they ordered me a traditional lunch dish (I want to say it was nasi daun jeruk but I may be wrong) and it was delicious!

I rested a bit before dinner because I was still a bit sluggish from traveling. On my way to dinner I saw my face on a billboard – that was the first time that’s ever happened to me and it was def a trip! After dinner it was time to head to the gig. I always feel a bit nervous before I play in new cities because you just never know what to expect. I also know that EDM music is super popular in Indonesia and I don’t play that style of electronic music. The DJs who played before me were all really great and played more house music; the guy right before me even played some funk including George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” which was a huge surprise. I think my set went pretty well; I even got to play some garage at the end which is one of my favourite genres to play especially because it reminds me of DJing with my boyfriend so it was kind of nice because it felt like he was with me in spirit! Afterwards tons of people wanted to take photos which was really nice. I always love to meet new friends and connect with them over music even when there’s a language barrier.

We left the club at around 2AM and I had to have a shower as soon as I was back at the hotel because I smelled so badly like cigarettes! That meant I didn’t get to bed until after 4AM and had to wake up at 7AM to head back to Jakarta, so it really wasn’t much of a sleep. We had to head back to the big city as early as possible to try beat the traffic…




Asia Day One: Dreams Come True

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I’m sitting here in Jakarta, Indonesia where I arrived today after over 24 hours of traveling. When I first starting DJing two years ago (literally two years ago this month is when I bought my first set up – October 2, 2014 to be exact) I could have never even imagined that my hobby would bring me to the places it has, both figuratively and now literally. I am 15,000 kms away from home; I came here alone; I’ve never DJ’d outside of North America before and it’s been a while since I was this nervous about something. But I’m so geeked to be here!

Today was mostly a rest day. I arrived at 1PM local time after a full 24 hours of traveling (15 hours YYZ to HKG, 4 hour layover in HKG and then another 4.5 hours to Jakarta). I got picked up at the airport and was so happy there was someone there to meet me and get me through immigration. I find immigration and customs to be such a intimidating process especially in foreign countries. It went really smoothly and then I finally got to meet Glen, who is the person responsible for bringing me to Indonesia! Needless to say I was very happy to finally meet him; it’s always so nice to finally meet people who you deal with over email. We stopped for coffee and snacks and he dropped me off at the guest house where I am staying which is very quiet, clean and comfortable. Tomorrow we will head to Bandung which is a few hours from here. I’ll definitely take more photos tomorrow :)

It’s definitely surreal to be here, especially considering that three years ago marked the start of a transformational journey for me in which my entire life has been flipped upside down. All the things I had worked for for years up to that point I no longer have. All the things that I measured my success in life by I no longer have. And many of the things that made me feel safe and secure, I no longer have. But in losing everything, I had everything to gain. It’s hard to look back at hardships and losses and say “it was worth it,” because I never want to say that anyone’s pain was worth anything. But I’m so grateful it happened, and this dark cloud has one hell of a silver lining.

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Good Life Sunday | Vancouver, BC | October 2, 2016

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Stoked to be back in Vancouver this week to enjoy some ocean air, some great sushi and visiting with my closest friends. Of course I had to squeeze in a few nights DJing with my pals too – first one is going dowm tomorrow night at Republic for Good Life Sundays.


Fun with Nike and the Fall 2016 Tech Pack

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Last week Nike invited a few friends in Toronto to visit their special pop-up Tech Fleece Studio. We were asked to bring a few of our favourite fall clothing items from our closet and to work with stylist Talia Brown to incorporate the new tech pack into our existing essential pieces. I was really stoked on this concept because this is how I wear sportswear — by mixing it in with denim, leather and other less “activewear” pieces in my closet.

The latest Tech Pack pieces are amazing. I was definitely feeling that black dress as well as the white sweater, which is actually the first apparel piece to combine the tech knit and tech fleece in one garment. I also loved the pairing of the blazer with the Nike tank, grey wool pants from Aritzia and the amazing Flyknit Prestos. That’s exactly the type of outfit I would wear if I was heading to a meeting or when I wanted to look casual but a bit more polished. You can read all about the Tech Pack here.

Naskademini was on hand to take some photos, which turned out great. Thanks to Nike for such a fun experience!