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I was really stoked to have the talented and hilarious Murda Beatz on my last Radar Radio show, especially since Drake’s More Life just came out and Murda has production credits on two of the hottest tracks on there. We recorded the interview pre-More Life so I obviously couldn’t ask him about anything to do with that, but we still had an interesting convo about some of his fav beat placements and memes, among other things. I also did a mini-mix of only Murda-produced tracks which just goes to show how much dope shit he’s had a hand in already at such a young age. Stream the show below and hit the tracklist after the jumppppp

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Live Set | b2b with Freeza Chin for Bump 3 Yr Anniversary

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do a guest DJ set at Bump, which is a monthly UK-music party that’s been happening for three years now. It’s really one of the only parties of its kind in the city and the people behind it are some of the most talented DJs and producers with so much experience — needless to say I was honoured and very nervous to DJ there, especially because it was the three year anniversary for the party. It was a blast though, and luckily Freeza and I were able to record our set which you can hear below.

I’ll also be DJing at the next Bump, which is happening March 18 in Toronto at Sound Exchange. Can’t wait!


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Since it’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, I decided to do a special show for Radar this week that paid tribute to a bunch of my favourite femcees over the last 20 years or so. It was a lot of fun and I was super happy how the mix turned out. I was also very honoured to have a short interview with rising artist Kodie Shane on this show. She’s part of Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team and someone who I really think is going to be a big star; she’s so young and so focused on her career and goals—it’s really impressive to see someone her age putting out so much material when she could just as easily be taking her sweet ass time with it all.

If that wasn’t enough, I also had a guest mix from my friend Gimmemar on the show. Peep the stream below and hit the tracklist after the jump. Happy International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month y’all!

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Alternative Facts Mix for Einhundert (Berlin)

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When I was in LA one of the new friends I made was Nico Adomako from Berlin. Nico and I DJ’d at 143 together and saw each other a few other times throughout the trip. He’s a great DJ and just a dope, positive, good-vibes person! He asked me to make a mix for him and his crew, Einhundert, and I happily obliged.

Berlin has so many amazing DJs and is such a hub for dope music across many genres, so I tried to go a bit more out of the box with my selections for this mix—which is why I gave it the name “Alternative Facts” since it’s a bit of an alternative to how I might normally play at my live sets or on own radio show. It originally aired on Nico’s show on BCR (Berlin Community Radio) and is now on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Huge thanks to Nico and Einhundert for letting me do this!